“No other video editing system can handle the variety of file formats we receive.” Grant Salinger, Managing Director, Motionlink

 wsb 600x199 frank aldana

“Real-time editing capability is a big deal. It allows me to focus on storytelling instead of ‘working’ an interface… and storytelling is at the core of what we do. In fact, I’d say the best feature of EDIUS is the play button. The play button works, and it works every single time it’s used. It’s no surprise that the EDIUS logo IS the play button.” TheFrank Aldana, Director/Editor/VFX/Voiceover artist, Red Ei8ht Inc.

 wsb 600x199 ty roberts

“EDIUS allows us to cut the shows fast and efficiently, yet the viewer thinks we’re switching live. That’s what makes me the most proud. When a fan who attended the show enjoys the video, I know we’ve done something right.” Ty Roberts, Co-founder and Video Editor, TourGigs

 wsb 600x238 dennis miligan
“We produce about 48-and-a-half hours of news a week. That’s a LOT of news, so products like EDIUS are really important in terms of making sure that we get the workflow as efficient as we can. And we’re doing it with about the same staff we did a lot less news with, earlier. So the efficiency of operations really makes a big difference.” Dennis Milligan, News Director, WBTV

 wsb 600x238 leighton grant

“If there’s breaking news and you have no time to get something on the air, you just use the Source Browser and literally you could have video edited within seconds.” Leighton Grant, Chief Photographer, Raycom Media