Here you can purchase Grass Valley EDIUS Pro 9.

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EDIUS 9 "Plus" Promotion
Grass Valley has started an attractive EDIUS 9 "Plus" Promotion that will be available until the release of the next version of EDIUS. Anyone purchasing EDIUS 9 from 13 September 2019 will receive a free upgrade to the next version, which is expected in 2020. Entitled are EDIUS Pro 9 or Workgroup 9 full versions as well as (Jump) upgrades from version 8 and older EDIUS versions - except for the discounted EDU versions and the Home Edition. As with EDIUS 8 and 9, EDIUS 9 and the next version can be installed in parallel on the same PC. Further information on the EDIUS 9 "Plus" Promotion can be found at:

Prices for EDIUS Pro 9 (local VAT not included*):
EDIUS Pro 9 Full Version - 499$* (459€*)
EDIUS Pro 9 Upgrade from Pro 8 or Workgroup 8 - 199$* (179€*)
EDIUS Pro 9 Jump EDIUS 2-7, EDU, Neo 1-3.5, 8 Home Edition - 299$* (269€*)
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